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 November Worship and Word Study Series 

What on Earth am I here For? 

When God calls, he has something very definite in mind. Do you sense that God is calling you to do something very specific? Is he calling you to be a peacemaker, a reconciler? Is he calling you to let go of the slavery of anger, jealousy, ill feeling, and anxiety that traps you? Is he calling you to be his spokesperson to someone who is crossing a wilderness of sickness and grief? Is he calling you to lead someone to the promised land of eternal life through Jesus?  You've got questions, the Bible has answers. 

You don't want to miss this impartation and revelation for your life!  Come and worship with us!

Dr. T.L. Carmichael, Sr.



We are grateful for Elevation Baptist Church because it is a House of God filled with His Glory and Presence. "The Great Commission is our Vision."