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It's Complicated

We live in a world of complications.  Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace.   Stress and anxiety are on the rise.  Even the amount of choices we must make daily can be overwhelming.  From television channels to radio stations to cell phone plans to restaurant choices to entertainment options, we are constantly faced with decisions.  And what about the biblical decisions we are expected to make daily?  It's all so complicated.  But is it really? 

God never wanted us to be in a complicated relationship with Him.  God wants so much to lead us and guide us in the journey that He gave us His Word the Holy Spirit to direct our paths. 

But how? 

Join us in August, as we study biblical characters who found that life was not all that complicated!   When we fix our eyes on Jesus, our complications diminish and we see clearly the love and grace God has for us on the journey.




It's Complicated



We are grateful for Elevation Baptist Church because it is a House of God filled with His Glory and Presence. "The Great Commission is our Vision".