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October Sermon Series - Who Are You Listening To?
Every day we must choose to listen to the right voices.  Fear has a voice, and Faith has a voice.  Which one are you going to listen to?   It will take prayer and studying God's word to decipher the voice of God.  We will be empowered to listen to the Holy Spirit. 

I believe through this series; God is going to set many free from the bondage of fear.  This series will empower you to activate your faith and move forward in victory.  In Romans 10:17, the ear receives the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, faith begins in the hearer.  

Do not allow the world to drown out God's promises of the good news that Jesus Christ died for sinners, taking our punishment for sin, offering forgiveness, and abundant life.


Dr. T.L. Carmichael, Sr.






We are grateful for Elevation Baptist Church because it is a House of God filled with His Glory and Presence. "The Great Commission is our Vision."